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Revolutionize welding! Our advanced inspection features leverage cutting-edge technologies for precise defect detection and analysis. Experience unmatched efficiency and precision. Join the future of the industry now!

High-Precision Welding Like Never Before!

Our system needs to capture your behaviour during work via a webcam. It also supports multi screens with nearly no computational costs. Imagine a deep work coach right next to you, just this simple.

Elevate Welding Perfection, Achieve Unparalleled Quality and Accuracy!

Our AI models analyse your point of gaze and your facial expressions capturing by your webcam, and extract the behavioural patterns related to deep work. This system is auto-customised regarding the user’s unique characteristics.

Get Your Hands on a Comprehensive Welding Quality Report!

After analyzing your behaviour, we are ready to give you vivid insights about your prior behaviour. Our system also suggests exercises and activities that will help you improve aspects of your concentration one at a time.

Helios Helmet

Helios Helmet


Image Processing


Data Storage

What is Helios?

Helios is an AI-powered helmet with auto-darkening and grinding mode which allows real-time welding defect inspection. Our helmet can reduce costs, boost welders’ productivity, and improve safety during and after the welding process.



Arc welding is an essential component of many large construction projects for creating solid and enduring connections in buildings, bridges, and other structures


Arc welding was first developed in this industry and still plays a vital role in it, as a water-tight surface is fundamental to building a safe and seaworthy vessel.

Oil and Gas

Shielded metal arc welding is extensively used to connect two natural gas pipes.


Standard Tier

Target Audience:
Hobbyist welders, semi-professionals, enthusiasts, and welders who seek performance and productivity.
$ 599
  • Offers customization and compatibility with various welding techniques.

Premium Tier

Target Audience:
Professional welders, industrial users, and those who prioritize top-of-the-line equipment with maximum benefits.
$ 799
  • Offers advanced customization options, compatibility with various welding techniques, extended warranty, priority customer support, and access to exclusive educational content.



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