Welding Equipment

In a small rural town, a farmer struggled to maintain his old tractor, which had seen better days. He couldn’t afford to replace it, but he knew that without it, he would lose his livelihood. One day, a stranger came to the farm, offering to fix the tractor with his trusty welding equipment. The farmer […]

Different Types of Arc Welding

Joe, a welder in the steel fabrication industry, had been using the same arc welding process for years. He thought he had mastered it until one day when he encountered a new type of welding job. When inspecting the joint requirements and material specification, he saw that this was an unfamiliar type of arc welding. […]

All you need to know about welding

Whether you’re a welder or a welding company, there are a few things you need to know about welding. In this blog post, we’ll cover the basics of welding and what you need to get started. So read on to learn more about this essential trade! What is welding, and what are its benefits Welding […]

How to Select the Right Welding Helmet

Using quality personal protective equipment and taking safe welding practices are a top priority for welders, regardless of the type of welding process. Welding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) encompasses, but is not limited to, eye, face, hand, and body protection. Welders must always wear safety glasses under the welding helmet. Besides, they need to vigilantly […]

A Welding Inspection Checklist Every Inspector Must Follow

Welding inspection shouldn’t just take place after welding is completed. Before and during the welding, inspection is even more crucial since it can prevent many flaws that might affect welding later. Here’s a brief welding inspection checklist that helps inspectors ensure the welding quality before, during, and after welding. The checklist also allows experienced welders to identify problems that are difficult to detect without destructive testing or NDT methods such as ultrasound and radiography.

Welding Inspection: Definition, Procedures & Standards

Every industry depends on welding. It’s indeed the backbone of the world we are living in. Everything made of metal can be welded into a multitude of products and structures, from cars to planes and bridges to skyscrapers. In a word, welding keeps our economy moving and helps to enhance our quality of life.

However, if not properly inspected, welding can considerably jeopardize the safety of people who use the welded products and the welding operators who build them. That’s where the profession, welding inspection, comes to play to ensure the quality and safety of any welding work. Welding inspection encompasses a broad range of areas and requires extensive practical knowledge and engineering expertise.

To help you learn more about the profession, this post provides a general overview of welding inspection and everything you need to know to make a good welding inspector.

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